Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So I'm a Slacker. Squared.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so it's been a while since my last post. I was keeping a running list of blog ideas in my BlackBerry, which was recently replaced by this little slice of heaven:
And the note application I'm now using sucks. So clearly it's not my fault.

Here's a partial list of things that have (and have not) been filling up my spare time:.

  • Brunch. This  pseudo-meal has become a twice-a-week tradition. Getting hammered + breakfast foods = um, yes please. Hmmm, should I pair my bottomless mimosa with a cheeseburger or pancakes? The obvious choice is anything smothered in fried eggs.
  • Concerts. Nostalgia washed over me at the recent Toadies concert, where I guzzled lukewarm Bud Light, rocked my Chuck Taylors and threw the horns. I'll be doing the same at The Pixies show in a couple of weeks, but I'm pretty sure the Matt & Kim show calls for more hipster flare.
  • Work. Note to self: go to Idaho and mug this person.
  • Class. Again. Yep, I'm back in college. Kinda. Community college. I have now been in post-high school education for 13 years. That has to be some kind of record, although I guess Rodney Dangerfield is still slightly ahead.
  • Sweating to death. Seriously.

  • Not going to the gym. I quit my last gym, joined a new gym a month ago...and went three times. To be honest, I really don't foresee adding to that at any time in the near future. The reason I quit my last gym? They called and e-mailed nastygrams when I hadn't been for a while. My new gym doesn't give a crap whether I go or not, as long as I fork over $30 a month.
  • Not going on vacation. I seriously can't remember my last vacation. Was it to Jamaica for spring break 1999? Ah, memories: free Red Stripe beer and a nasty sunburn. And "staycations" don't count. Yeah, hanging out in my crappy apartment with a Mai Tai and a can of Easy Cheese is totally the same thing as a week in paradise.
  • Not watching TV. This will be changing shortly. It's football season, bitches. SKINS.

So there you have it, folks. You're all caught up. Please don't hate me for my last few weeks of booze-infused blog absence. I promise I'll try to never leave you again.


theTsaritsa said...

Brunch is my favorite meal, especially when bottomless mimosas are involved!

And I never heard of a gym emailing clients when they haven't showed up in a while. That's a bad sales strategy!

Sara Louise said...

Your back so all is forgiven.

And at least it's September. Now we can all just sit tight and wait for Christmas.

allison said...

@thetsarista: if i got one more "we haven't seen you in a while" email, i might have lost it.

@sara louise: the halloweengivingmas season is my fave.

Grant said...

I was about to write you with a "we haven't seen you in a while," message, but now I'm glad I didn't. Good to hear you've been taking care of yourself.