Monday, August 15, 2011

Days 8 & 9

My pretty car provided the perfect setting for my day 8 assignment. Look at all these thingamabobs and doohickeys!

I would just like to tell you how exciting it is to rock out to satellite radio. Every day I get excited about it. Every fucking day. Especially when I listen to the 80s station. And when I flip back and forth between that and the 90s station, it's all over. The other day I almost ran off the road swapping between AC/DC and Billy Idol. Keep in mind that Ramona had no music. Period. Yes, I have a fantastic set of pipes, but one can only be entertained by singing the Milkshake Song to herself for so long...especially when the only lyrics one knows accurately are "la la la la la." And no music meant no car dancing. I'm a seriously good car dancer. If there is ever a "SYTYCCD," I will rock that shit.

And here is my day 9 photo. It's me, headless.

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