Saturday, August 13, 2011

Days 6 & 7

You might have noticed I skipped day 5 (someone I love). I'll be turning that assignment in late.

As for a childhood memory, I caught these two playing the hand slap game while they waited for the Metro. I loved playing this when I was a kid.

Don't know what the hand slap game is? 

Now for something new. This photo has a double meaning.

The shirt is new. Because I'm attempting to train first half marathon. Yep, totally busted on marathon runners in the not-so-distant past. But this is different. It's a half marathon...twice the fun.


Anonymous said...

My dad's favorite game to play with us was the hand slap game, but we called it hot hands. In retrospect, he probably took a little too much enjoyment out of it and put a little more force into it than he should have, the backs of my hands were always bright red by the time we were done. I think he was probably just taking out his frustration over the fact that we were way better at Super Mario Bros. than him.

allison said...

Dads LOVE the hand slap game. My dad used to get really excited about it too. He lost sight of the fact that games aren't usually as much fun when you're getting your ass kicked...especially when you're 7.