Monday, September 26, 2011

Subject: Construction Paper


Do you have any construction paper? Can I have a piece?


This was a work email I received today. Please keep in mind that (although it might seem like it most of the time), I do not work at a preschool.

Mr. X might have let the cat out of the bag here. Clearly other departments are having Krazy Kraft Korner time with glitter and pipe cleaners and safety scissors. They probably even have nap time!

Meanwhile, the marketing folks are out saving people's lives. Who do you call when you're stuck in the elevator? Marketing. Who do you count on to pull the fire alarm when the building goes up in flames? Marketing. Who's going to scream, "run" at the top of her lungs and then take off full speed in the wrong direction during an earthquake? That one was all me.


Anonymous said...

Is it that other departments have Krazy Kraft Korner (KKK?) time, or is that you seem like the kind of person that might just have construction paper handy?

allison said...

You might be onto something there. I have been known to keep a hammer, a yoga mat, and a magic 8-ball handy. Construction paper does kind of fall in the same category...