Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Justins Party

Tuesday, 4:06 p.m. A text message from a number I don't recognize:

Is Kayla like planning justins party

Oh well. I was hitting a mid-afternoon slump.

Didn't you hear kayla was in a bus accident?
No I didn't
So your running the party
Yeah but I'm thinking about changing the theme. What do you think?
Um I just want to go a sport theme like the world series
How did she get In a bus accident
I don't know. She's been drinking a lot.
Kayla. Everyone knows that.
O noo she was not in a accident  and can I go to justin party
I don't want to do World Series. How about Rocky Horror Show?
Yea that works   I really want to know if I can go. Jack and Mikey are going
Are Kayla and Justin still together?
What I don't know
Why wouldn't you be able to go?
I'm just asking to go I went last time I hate the science hw
IDK I'll think about it. Maybe you can do my HW for me. TTYT.


the Tsaritsa said...

Hahahaha. You think she'll do my homework for me, too?

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

Bah! I love that you held a text convo with a complete stranger/ obviously high schooler.

Cool shit like this never happens to me.

Rooks Family: Brandon, Anna, Madeline and Eli said...

HILARIOUS!! Since my cell number is one digit different from Popeye's Chicken, I really need to start messing with people when they call. That would be much more fun than "wrong number."

allison said...

Tsaritsa - I wouldn't get her to do your science homework.

TILTE - This is the coolest shit that has ever happened to me. I was really hoping she would text me today. No dice. Also that's creepy.

Anna - I don't know if I could keep it together for a phone call, but you should go for it.

Anonymous said...

This goes a long way to explaining your post from August 7th.