Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From Texas, To My Exes

BH - My first boyfriend. You were so cute. But you wouldn't hold my hand at the told me you had poison ivy. And then you tried to out-dump me when you found out I was about to pass you a break-up note after seventh period. Not cool.

DM - You really liked Champion t-shirts, and you were the shortest basketball player I have ever seen. I don't remember much else.

LK - You were my Jordan Catalano. I couldn't even believe it when we started going out. I had my first kiss with you, in your backyard, in the moonlight, surrounded by the sounds of sheep and crickets. For some reason you really liked touching my belly, and I hated that. So I broke up with you.

BH - We dated for like two weeks. I think we held hands before swim practice. I saw you a couple of years later at nationals, and you kind of pretended to not know who I was...

JB - Ahhh, senior beach week. My friends thought you were hot. I got my first speeding ticket driving to your school to see you. Once you showed up at my swim meet stoned. And then you dumped me by e-mail. You apologized later, though.

BG - You were horrible. I don't know why we stayed together as long as we did. I was way too good for you. We saw some pretty good concerts, though, and your dad was one of the kindest people I've ever met.

JS - You were an asshole hippie. I didn't even think that was possible, but that is exactly what you were. Good luck with that.

KH - Not surprisingly, you were best friends with JS (above). You were possibly the laziest person I ever met, but that's probably because you're the biggest stoner I ever met. I'm pretty sure nothing about you has changed...although I heard you were with a married chick.

BC - Were we together? Were we not? I don't know. I really cared about you. You drink too much, and you're wasting your life.

JB - I think you actually had too little drama for me. Otherwise, you were great.

AT - When I say I don't want to see you because I want to stay home by myself, that is not code for, "Please show up at my door unannounced and then get irritated when I turn you away." Clingy much? Buh-bye.

VM - You need your own post. You shattered my heart. I'm still cleaning up the mess you left behind.

SC - How's that going for you? ...Being crazy?

MW - You were a friend when I really needed one, and I will never forget that. You will find someone as wonderful as you deserve.

JS - You are a fabulous shower singer, a connoisseur of snack cakes, my puppydaddy, and still one of my BFFs. Please don't settle.

For anyone I left out, you were either amazing or horrible. I haven't met many in between. And you know which one you were.

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lory said...

I love the first 4! I didn't know who DM was until I read "champion tshirts" and that was a dead give-away. too freaking funny!!