Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ta Ta, 2010: A Photo Essay

Ahhhh, New Year's Eve. Full of hope. And beer. This year I spent the evening with friends watching the Old 97's, debating the merits of Crunch Berries and wearing funny hats. No complaints. I know I need to do a blog, but I'm feeling lazy so I'm cheating. I'm just dumping all of my random 2010 photos here and captioning them. Deal with it.


I met this guy in 2010. He's pretty great. Even if he does wear toe socks sometimes.

He enjoyed his first Sonic experience, but I was less than pleased when I discovered I had ordered the egg-and-hair sandwich.

I discovered my passion for brunch this year. I never knew I could love something so much.

I watched someone attempt to eat this four-pound burger in one hour. For a free t-shirt. 
Defeated. Time: eight minutes. The waitress told us after the attempt that no one had ever succeeded in finishing this thing. I smell a 2011 resolution...

My sister got married. I provided the penis straws for the bachelorette party.

For some reason, my two other siblings and I attempted to move the reception party out into the hallway. (BTW, that is my dance face, not constipation.)

I went to a nude beach. Not as awesome as you might imagine. Actually it was a little gross.
 Checking out some old naked junk...

I went to a few great concerts this year, including the Old 97's, Massive Attack and Matt & Kim. This is a photo of the Toadies, in case you can't tell.

I saw my family again this fall when my Grandpa passed away. My mother uses this as yet another new weapon of mass guilt: "Allison, you need to come home for the holidays. Everyone is dying. I could be next."

Lucy is alive, after eight months under my plant-murdering thumb. Ethel is also hanging on.

I inadvertently experimented with pyrotechnics this year. That Betty Crocker makes some bad-ass birthday candles.

On my birthday, it was confirmed that you can indeed find anything online. These bags contain Lucky Charms marshmallows.

I went to New York a couple of times this year. It's still dirty, smelly, crowded, overpriced and cold. I freakin' love it.
I got to see my friend Josh while I was in New York. Clearly he doesn't get out of the house much.

My rather sad fake Christmas tree.

We were actually going for "sexy" in the bottom photo. We turned out looking a bit more "confused."

Personally, I thought 2010 was totally kick-ass. I emerged healthy, loved and employed. I do have resolutions for the coming year, but I won't bore the few of you who are still awake after this snore-fest of a post. I'll save that content for the next snore-fest of a post.

Happy New Year. 


You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i love your brunch photos, wedding photos (love the church one- do i recognize a catholic alter in the background...?), your cake-on-fire, and fail christmas tree.

ps: i've been to sonic's once in my lifetime. it tasted like dogmeat and cafeteria tater tots.

allison said...

The church is in a small town in Georgia. So maybe...

Yeah, I stick to McDonald's now for "food."

Sara Louise said...

That's a wicked birthday cake! And Lucky Charm marshmallows are the best part of the cereal, hard, sweet, and stale... delicious!