Sunday, July 4, 2010

You love me! You really love me!

Ohmigosh! Warm fuzzies abound! Rad dudette Sasha at Things I Like to Eat (...and Other Nonsense) has given me my very first blog award!

Yes, I hear your cries of "speech, speech!" But sadly friends, my speech was totally ripped off a few years back. Here is exactly what I would have said:

I really still don't know how she got a hold of it.

In the grand tradition of blog awards, I'm passing this award along to some more awesome fellow bloggers:

Rachel at From Muffin Top to Six Pack Abs
Anna at Rooks Rundown
Sara at Sara In Le Petit Village

May the force be with you.

1 comment:

Sara Louise said...

Be still my humble heart!

Thank you for thinking of me while I've been away packing, cleaning, and unpacking. A thoughtful surprise after a week of hell. Merci buckets xo